• PROPER APPLICATION OF ALUMINIUM: It is crucial to understand that all the qualities that are potent in aluminum fitting can only be obtained if the aluminum section and accessories are rightly chosen and if the manufacture, assembling, installation and sealing of the frames are done by a reliable company following the proper technology which is particular to this material.

  •  Only frames assembled with silicone and fitted with a double silicone join on foam seal will give the benefits from the sealing effect for weather, sound, pollution (etc).

    Silicon Sealing Backing Rod

  • Silicone seals properly set are not only acting as sealing joins. They also play a considerable role in the strength of the frames fixations to the masonry, making them supply but firmly part of the building.

  • Given its durability and resistance due to surface treatments, aluminium structures need only regular cleaning with normal detergents followed by rinsing with water.

  • Fixing the glass for Structural Glazing is a very specific procedure which, if not followed properly, cannot guaranty any security. Glass panes have to be fixed with a special sealant to a sub-frame and then left in a horizontal position for a specific number of days in order to allow the sealant to cure. Only after this can the glazed frames been fixed on the façade aluminium structure. It might be interesting to note that in France, for example, aluminium fabricators leave the job of fixing the glass panes to the sub-frames to a handful of companies specialized in doing only that.


  • Conception of frames and choice of glass allows withstanding a wind load of 900Pa without a deflection superior to 1/240 of the span of the member.

  • The specification of the aluminium alloy used for architectural applications is something very precise. It cannot be tempered with to give hardness and an illusion of and strength to overly thin sections, which causes the material to become brittle.

  • For sound insulation, double-glazing is not necessary. Thick glass is what reduces the sound. Double-glazing helps in reducing the sound because of doubling the overall thickness of glass in the frames. Double-glazing is mostly sought after for its temperature insulation quality.