Curtain wall

Curtain wall are generally heavier sections used for front façades & skylights, which allow only glazing and aluminum sections to be seen, without sight of masonry which provides full view and plenty of natural light.

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is similar to curtain wall but with no framing seen from outside; aluminum frames, glazed with a special technique are fixed on an aluminum structure. This allows only a thin line to be seen between the glass panels, giving an “only glass” feeling.

Structural glazing is a revolutionary concept in the glazing industry, that is used for the exterior façade of a building. It is defined as a non load facing wall usually suspended in front of a structural frame, their own dead load and wind load being transferred to the structural frame through designated anchorage points.

It is important to note  the glass is not only held solely by the sealant, they are also held by the clips that are in some cases concealed hence for obvious security reasons, the sealing process requires special skills in following a very specific procedure. (This is a highly specialized job that cannot be “simplified” for cost saving without becoming extremely hazardous).


Structural Glazing features:

  • Straight or Curve
  • Single or double glaze infill
  • Top-hung concealed sash frames
  • Verticals/Horizontals assembled at right angles
  • Fixed sub frames and opening frames are produced and glazed in the Workshop.
  • High performance silicon sealant and spacer from Dow Corning.