Why Sky Light?

Sky Light Pvt. Ltd. provides attractive, creative and customized solutions for all kinds of projects. We have a team of specialist with years of experience and knowledge in architectural aluminium that will help you realize your projects.

Whether it is for new constructions or refurbishment, our team will fabricate according to your drawings or by the site measurements of your original door, window or facade. We will answer all your questions and can adapt our product according to your needs.

We assure to provide quality European standard aluminium windows, doors and structures with international standard of workmanship in regards regard to design application, fabrication and installation.

All stages of planning, production and installation are under foreign supervision and we take special care to provide a perfect finish of all details. The confidence in our quality is what makes us able to propose a 5 years guarantee and affirm a swift maintenance service.

Sky Light Promises quality in:

Material, Product, Fabrication, Installation, Management and After Sales



Our Mission

Quality, a philosophy. Manufacture and fit a complete range of aluminum products and glazing for customers comfort.




Sky Light Values

  • Guaranteed Quality: Our highly trained team under foreign supervision will help you realize your projects with its knowledge, experience and high standard of workmanship. From the drawing board to fabrication, installation, finishing details, and completion of work and after service, we ensure highest quality delivery with guarantee!

  • Value of Customers: We assure quality product and quality work, timely delivery, smooth execution without annoyances.

  • Answer to all architectural situations: Our product range is wide and provides an answer to all architectural situations. The casement and slider ranges in particular, offer solutions that respect the original design of both residence and non-residential buildings. We offer a complete range of frame systems, enabling to create a wide variety of frame compositions, allowing for more imaginative designs.

Sky Light products are tough, attractive and blends with all architectural styles and environments, whether new construction or refurbishment of old buildings.